ATC is a newly created consultancy company but capitalizing 35 years of international experience in World Class Real Estate, Leisure and Infrastructures development and realization.

ATC is focused in upstream advice (due diligence, program, pre-concept, feasibility studies etc.) and of course in project and construction management, up to the delivery and start of the operation of the project. ATC provide also services for PPP or concession projects.

ATC is pleased to use important construction and development expertise to deliver high-level services allowing the best project development and implementation decisions for the benefit of our clients. ATC is proud of his role in supporting the ambitions of Decision-makers, Public Authorities, Private Developers and Investors and will continue to put the customers at the heart of his actions.


The role of ATC is to help our clients to transform their dream into Reality.

We attach high importance to understanding their vision, targets and we help them to develop the project, and finally to realize it. We are working in a win-win situation in full transparency, as a single team.

The main steps of our approach are:

  • Understanding Client Vision and motivation
  • Understanding major stakeholders vision and motivation
  • Develop a clear strategy in close cooperation with executives and senior management
  • Guide the Client to mobilize key actors within the organization
  • Establishing and implementing the vision by formulating operative goals
  • Establishing a “road map”, and action plan
  • Establishing a schedule with clear milestones and tasks
  • Establishing measurable results and requested performance level (KPI)
  • Work in osmosis with the Client team
  • Develop and implement tailored-made solutions adapted to the client request


Our mission is to support our clients in transforming their dream into reality by:

  • Select the right managerial tools to develop and implement the Project
  • Implement the most adapted procedures for the specific project and Client
  • Offer guidance (Project management) to ensure implementation of strategies
  • Build-up the optimum team of consultants and contractors
  • Implement habitual, best practices or tailored made solutions specific to the project configuration
  • Animate, coordinate and boost performances of all participants
  • Develop and Implement the Project achieving results and sustainable performance
  • Deliver successfully on time in the budget and with the requested quality


ATC is a Consultancy company based in France, providing custom-made services in the sectors of Engineering, Construction, Project Management, Project development and Business development particularly in the Hospitality, Leisure, Shopping Malls,  Mixed-use and Real Estate Sector as well as in Energy, Infrastructures, Transportation, Security, Waste Management and New Towns-Smart towns development.


ATC vision is to provide custom-made out-of-the-box advice to important projects.

ATC in acting, being recognized and being valued as a strong partner in new concepts, project development and project delivery.

Our Target is to serve our clients with high efficiency to increase their successful project realization capacity.

ATC will pursue a systematic development effort strategy, following our clients in the GCC Countries, North Africa, Europe and other selected countries in the world.


ATC is based on high human and professional values.

Think out of the box, act in the box. The imagination, creativity, and analysis can not be contained in a box, space is unlimited, you can think and investigate in any direction.For the realization, even if the solutions are innovative and originals, we need to apply and comply with the highest quality and Health, Safety, and environmental standards.

Human values. Human values is the best foundation for high performance. The best performances are achieved working in one team as a single group sharing human values with the Client. Friendship and transparency among professionalism and know-how allows trustful and deep relations between ATC and our Clients. This allows to understand and serve better the Client vision and interest.

Independence Integrity. We are  a completely independent group, so decisions and advices are based exclusively in the long experience of the management and not in different horizon shareholder’ s interest. During the long professional experience the management had to deliver several billion $ in total  projects, with the highest integrity in full transparency.

Passion Hard work. We are all passionate by our job and we understand the needs of the Client. We have in several occasions demonstrate the deep involvement and delivery capacity of fast-track projects, working interminable hours motivated by our passion for excellence and delivery commitment.

Flexibility. We adapt our team and our tools to the Client and Project needs and this is an additional specific performance of ATC.

International Expertise. The top management, “gray hair” with 35 years “hands in job” has substantial references and international experience. The performance of ATC is based on this high-level of international expertise, able to understand deeper the organization and implementation problems, in particular in multicultural societies with international players


ATC initiated from the beginning of his creation an Environmental approach for the projects, going through sustainable solutions and life cycle, improving globally the economy, sustainability but also the carbon footprint of the project.


  • More than 2.500 hotel rooms delivered  up today
  • Involved in more than 50.000 rooms hospitality projects
  • More than 1.000 short stay apartments delivered
  • Design development of 3 New Towns, Mixed-use developments, more than 500.000 m2 each
  • New Town, 1,6 million m2 constructions. Master planning & Phasing coordination
  • New Town for 340.000 inhabitants in 10 years. Master planning with a holistic approach
  • Projects in 9 countries (France, Greece, Morocco, Libya, Egypt, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan).