The road from the idea to the realization is too long. At the beginning of any potential idea, there are elements to evaluate and to integrate to appreciate the viability and to anticipate the potential result. This matching and coordination effort between financial, technical, market, and operational elements, the pre-feasibility study, allows the investor/developer to appreciate better the project and take an initial Go/No go decision, to invest further in the project.

Main Advice at this level are:

  • Define right Client Vision and Target
  • Site visit
  • Land potential evaluation according to Urban code
  • Due diligence
  • Utilities
  • Accessibility
  • Site organization
  • Legal & operational approach
  • Environment & Sustainability
  • Potential developments
  • Competition
  • Cost/Benefit preliminary evaluation
  • Risk evaluation
  • Development strategy



ATC coordinates market research and provides a global approach for the project, a general program, a cost plan evaluation, a general schedule, and a cash flow or P&L financial projections. The target is to compile all technical and financial elements, to appreciate the risk, and set up the road map of the project realization.

Main items included in the feasibility studies are:

  • Coordination of Market research
  • Project typology
  • Preliminary program
  • Cost evaluation
  • Preliminary P&L financial projections
  • Conclusions & Recommendations
  • Realization Road map
  • Preliminary Schedule.
  • Project exit conditions/Commercialization



Following the feasibility study, ATC coordinates a preliminary design of the project, and evaluates technical aspects as utilities, accessibility, construction difficulties, market approach, and finalizes a compilation with a design, a program, a construction master schedule, and a cost evaluation. Usually, Project initiation and Feasibility studies are seen as one step and this allows basing the feasibility study on more accurate elements.

Main items included in the project initiation are:

  • Utility location and connection points
  • Land Survey
  • Preliminary soil investigation
  • Project conceptual design
  • Accessibility
  • Project program & Schedule



ATC manages the procurement and coordination of all consultants on behalf of the Client. Coordinate and drive the design development through phases (Concept, Schematic, Detailed), with value engineering workshops and submissions, to control and boost project and consultant performances and obtain the best quality/price for a realization according to the Client’s vision. This phase called also “Pre-Contract phase”, ends with the Award and contract signature with the contractor.

Main items included in the project development are:

  • Consultant’s selection and procurement
  • Vision and target of the project
  • Consultant’s Scope of work
  • Award and Contract arrangements
  • Project program
  • Kick-off meeting
  • Communication management
  • Master schedule
  • Soil investigation
  • Concept Design Coordination
  • Schematic Design Coordination
  • Detailed Design Coordination
  • Workshops
  • Design review (at each stage)
  • Value engineering (at each stage)
  • Cost evaluation (at each stage)
  • Accessibility, parking and traffic
  • Environmental & sustainability
  • P&L, Cash flow and Business plan Update
  • Recommendations
  • Realization Road map
  • Tender documents for construction
  • Tender out & tender administration
  • Negotiations & Award



Project management services are meant to allow delivery of the project on time, within budgeted cost, and in accordance with the quality requirements. Project management tools are implemented and are part of the project development. The scope includes mainly: 

  • Project organization
  • Technical assistance and advising throughout the project lifecycle
  • Tendering and selection of consultants, suppliers, and contractors
  • Negotiation and contract finalization
  • Design management and coordination
  • Design review, value engineering monitoring
  • Program planning and progress control throughout the project design and construction phases
  • Cost estimation and cost management throughout the project design and construction phases
  • Contract management
  • Variations and claims management
  • Follow up of construction, ensuring that architects, consultants, and contractors do provide due quality control
  • QHSE Management
  • Monthly progress report
  • Checking and approval of contractors payment statements
  • Monitoring of final inspections, tests, and authorities approvals (Fire safety, etc.)
  • Snagging, collection of as-built documentation, final accounts
  • Project closeout and site sign off by all concerned
  • Technical staff training management
  • Reporting and recommendations



Construction management services are required when construction is organized with separate trade contractors. In this case, the construction manager:

  • Tender, select, and contracts out the different trade packages on behalf of the Client to separate contractors
  • Does the detailed planning of the construction work, in total and by trade package, and controls the progress of all trade works
  • Organizes the job site
  • Co-ordinates trade contractors, and manages common means of the job sites
  • Supervises and controls works of every trade package
  • Checks and approves invoices and payment statements of all trade contractors, submit one recapitulative payment application to the Client
  • Manages commission tests and final inspections, in co-ordination with the contractors, architects, and consultants
  • Manages and controls snagging by the different trade contractors
  • Gets from trade contractors concerned all as-built documents, operation and maintenance manuals
  • Prepares final accounts and all necessary documents for project closeout and manages site sign off
  • Reports and recommends to the Client



ATC proposes as stand-alone service the Test, commissioning, snagging, and handover of the project. As an Independent Consultant, ATC can in fully impartial way, follow up tests and commission the project on behalf of the Client preserving the best of his interests.

Main services provided are:

  • Test follow up
  • Inspection and defects list
  • “Composite-crue” coordination (on spot repairs)
  • Schedule of “make good”
  • Authorities approvals follow-up
  • Defects financial and operation impact evaluation
  • Technical handover to the operation and maintenance team
  • Final handover recommendations to the client



ATC  having experience in the hospitality sector provides all the services for successful logistics and installation coordination and handover of all Fit-out, FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment), and Signage.

Main services provided are:

  • Specification review
  • Tender or direct contact for pricing
  • Offers evaluation and final selection
  • Logistics
  • Schedule
  • Procurement coordination
  • Delivery follows up
  • Installation coordination
  • Test and commissioning
  • Handover



ATC can also provide services at the start of the operation. This includes the organization and training of the Maintenance team and in general, the asset management and the assistance to operate correctly especially for complicated buildings, if the operator has not been sufficient involved during the test and commissioning period.

Main services provided are:

  • Maintenance team organization chart
  • Maintenance team training coordination
  • Administration, Workshop and Storage organization
  • IT organization and O&M software implementation
  • Preventive & Corrective Maintenance organization



ATC by the important network and relations receives in permanence information for potential opportunities. Also initiates feasibility studies, compiling technical, financial, and operational elements.  ATC is very proud to offer Business development services to its clients and initiate important business in the real estate and project development sector.

Major services provided are:

  • Business opportunity evaluation
  • Due Diligence
  • Land potential evaluation
  • Project development strategy
  • Pre-program
  • Investment cost and schedule approach
  • Pre-feasibility study
  • Preliminary P&L financial projections
  • Recommendations, Road Map, Action Plan
  • Research of partners, operators or investors




ATC management has been involved in several projects where time was the essence and the construction period extremely short. We have the experience of “very fast track” projects, with “live” construction management on-site with excellent scheduling and coordination tools.
Major achievements: Hotel Occaj (2*, 224 rooms), constructed in 6 months period and the renovation of the Hotel du Golf (4*, 246 rooms) in 3 months time, renovation of the tilling of the whole area (more than 10.000 m2) of a large supermarket in 48 hours.


Renovation or new works, with the establishment (mall or hotel) in operation, is very delicate. Usually, the turn over suffers during this period. We managed works carefully and with specific communication, to minimalize impact and even to use this period to boost communication and sales promotion.
We have a large experience also in the renovation of old buildings (major achievement a 300 years old, Renaissance period, building in Lyon).


Having participated in large Projects and international tenders, ATC has experience in PPP, BOT, and EPC projects.


A Project is not only the “technical aspect” but includes vision, motivation, finances, strategy, and other parameters, not always visible, but very important for the project’s successful development. ATC starts always with the “Project Frame”, a holistic approach that allows considering all aspects of the project. A lot of large projects had serious implementation problems because of this lack of a holistic approach.
Major achievement: Half moon beach development in KSA, 350.000 inhabitants in 30 years, including Master plan and business analysis for Private and Public investments.


Tourism – Transport – Town (Smart towns) Master Plans
Specific advice for regional or national T.T.T. master plans and important mixed-use developments.